What UK beauty brands are vegan and cruelty free

In this rapidly evolving world, we believe that we have surpassed the need for unsustainable and cruel animal testing facilities, especially regarding the production of makeup products. There is an increasingly growing demand in the makeup sector for products free from unfair animal treatment and produce.

Post written by Leanne Perilly

We personally believe this is the next generation of the beauty community, providing both high-quality skincare and makeup products, while simultaneously rejecting the need for unethical animal testing in labs. We have compiled a list of up-and-coming beauty brands based in the UK who thrive off the production of high-quality, ethical and moral makeup consumption.


Cosmetics are a modern UK-based beauty brand which offer a range of much loved makeup products, ranging from blush palettes, to base makeup, to brush sets and applicator tools. This company offers an affordable option to vegan and cruelty-free beauty, meaning you won’t have to trade your ethical views for a smaller price tag. Not to mention, their vast range of products are available at most local Superdrug stores – as if we needed any more convincing! 

Cover FX

Cover FX are a new addition to the beauty scene, however, their products have recently been snatched up by A-list celebrities and YouTube beauty gurus. This brand focuses on producing vegan, cruelty free makeup for all skin types, offering products ranging from foundations, to illuminating drops, to high-quality setting sprays for day-long makeup perfection.

A particular favourite with many celebs is their Custom Enhancer Drops, a cheaper alternative to more expensive brands, offering instant brightening and a dewy complexion to your makeup routine. All products are available on both Amazon or Cult Beauty stores.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime are not a brand for the weak-hearted. Their vegan, cruelty-free makeup products are targeted to the most daring and bold makeup lovers, who will never shy away from a bright red lipstick, neon eyeshadows and blinding glitter palettes. Certified by PETA (the largest animal rights body in the world), this company are sure to keep you both pretty and at ethical ease. Available either online at Amazon or Boots, you cannot miss out on their unique makeup range. 

Charlotte Tilbury

We’ve probably all heard of Charlotte Tilbury, the luxurious makeup brand frequently associated with the most famous celebs. This brand have been offering the best makeup services for over 20 years, always providing the highest quality products for all skin types and problems.

Their products range from dewy foundations, to-die-for cream contour palettes, and subtle highlighter palettes, offering something for anyone and everyone. Their products are reported to last, and never fail to offer the best quality. You truly can’t go wrong with this animal-loving, beauty perfected brand.


Elf are a recent up-and-coming beauty brand, offering up a range of products for makeup and skincare lovers. Their products can be found at your local Boots or Superdrug store – expect to see affordable, yet luxurious, products catered to your every need.

Looking for a hydrating, dewy foundation with a wide shade range? Look no further. Looking for a nourishing acne-busting hyaluronic acid serum? They’ve got you covered. Whatever you’re looking for, they likely have it – and at the most amazing prices. And what’s more, all their products are 100% vegan-friendly, designed with the most anti-toxin, skin-loving ingredients out there. What’s not to love?

Delve into the beauty world a little further and try out the much beloved products from these 5 vegan-friendly, cruelty-free brands. Your skin, bank account and moral compass will truly thank you for it!

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