Sustainable UK beauty brands

It’s always difficult finding the balance between affordable beauty products and sustainability. Often the cheapest makeup and skincare products tend to be unsustainable, arriving in unnecessarily bulky, non-biodegradable packaging.

Post written by Leanne Perilly

Sometimes it can be easier to choose this option, because your pockets just aren’t cut out for the eco-friendly lifestyle you desire. We’re here to tell you that it’s possible to achieve the best of both worlds! We’ve compiled the best eco-friendly and sustainable UK based beauty brands, offering a wide range of makeup and skincare products, without breaking the bank.

The Body Shop

Everyone’s heard of The Body Shop, but are we truly aware of their eco-friendly background? Founded in 1976, this beauty brand have been selling luxury skincare and makeup suitable for all skin types, from problematic acne-prone skin to scarring and discolouration. Not only are their products 100% free from palm-oil (an ingredient derived from deforestation and habitat destruction), their packaging aims to be as green and renewable as physically possible.

The Body Shop offers a range of body scrubs, acne-busting serums, foundations, bronzers and lipstick lines, all developed following anti-animal testing guidelines. Not only are their products vegan, their Bio Bridges Mission campaign further aims to regenerate 75 million square metres of wildlife habitats and power all stores with renewable energy sources by the end of this year.

With high-quality, skin-loving and eco-friendly makeup products, you really can’t go wrong with shopping at your local Body Shop!

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

This is an up-and-coming zero waste beauty brand, offering products completely free from plastic packaging. All available products are packaged in biodegradable cardboard or sustainable refillable pots, for easy and convenient re-use.

A particularly popular favourite of ours is the vegan-friendly, all natural mineral foundation. This product is a highly pigmented powdered foundation, perfect for mixing with cream-based serums or primers for creating your perfectly matched shade. At affordable prices, this modernised brand keeps up with the times, providing naturally sourced products for versatile use, without breaking the bank.


If you’re endlessly searching for high-quality lipsticks with an extensive colour range, Axiology is the eco-friendly brand for you. With their “100% evil free” motto, you can expect luxurious lipstick products free from all forms of animal cruelty and poorly designed, non-biodegradable packaging. 70% of all products comprise completely naturally sourced ingredients, spanning avocado oil, orange essential oil, coconut oils and elderberry extract.

Certified by PETA, Axiology completely avoid the use of palm oil, source all outer packaging from a woman-owned recycled paper company in Indonesia, and purchase all shea butter and moringa oil ingredients through fair trade routes. With affordable, non-toxic products, sustainable packaging and extensive support of fair trade businesses, it’s incredibly hard to resist!

Luna Beauty

Luna Beauty are a sustainable UK beauty brand, based in Oxford. This earth-conscious company offers affordable, vegan, zero waste and completely plastic-free makeup products, ranging from powdered bronzers and blushes to mascaras.

These products are extremely versatile, capable of being used alongside your existing skincare and makeup products, to create both natural and more dramatic makeup looks. Not only are they a fully eco-friendly brand, they are a small-scale business which puts extreme focus on cute, reusable packaging. All products are available for purchase on Amazon. Give them a try today – you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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