How to make your lips appear naturally larger

The current rave at the moment is large, full and luscious lips. There’s no need to undergo damaging plastic surgery to achieve this simple, yet effective, makeup look. With just a few makeup products and perfected application techniques, your lips will be looking full and voluptuous in no time!

Post written by Leanne Perilly

Lip liner is your new best friend

First and foremost, the key to making your lips appear naturally larger is to use lip liner. Lip liner is a fine stick of lip product, used to outline the natural shape of your lips. Think of it as a more precise way of defining your lip shape, essentially allowing you to “colour inside the lines”, preventing messy lipstick application.

When applying, you ideally want to draw a thin line of the product all the way around the natural line of your lips. Pay close attention to the bottom of your lower lip and the top (or “cupid’s bow”) of your upper lip. Ever so slightly overline your lips around these areas, making sure to create a soft “V” shape at your cupid’s bow, with no sharp edges 

If you accidentally overline a little too much, not to worry – simply cover the mishap with a small dab of concealer, followed by a dusting of translucent setting powder. No one perfects lip liner on the first try – take it from us!

Choice of lipstick

Your choice of lipstick must either match or be a slightly lighter shade than your chosen lip liner. For beginners, we recommend neutral toned lipsticks, such as beiges or natural baby pinks. These more natural colours means that any mistakes can be easier concealed or touched up, with more room for mishaps. 

When applying your chosen lipstick, you can either apply directly from the product stick, or use a small flattened brush to swipe the desired amount of product onto the lips. The second option allows you to have more control over how much you apply and improves the precision of your application, which is best recommended for beginners or when using brighter, bolder colours (ie. reds, browns, blacks). 

Gloss for days

Now that your lips are looking bold and mattified, you may want to add a glossy layer to them to give that extra shine, drawing more attention to them. Again, we highly recommend either a clear lip gloss with a slight hint of glitter (if desired), or a neutral shade of lipgloss. Not only does this complement well with pretty much any lipstick colour, but also looks classy and elegant, without the fear of adding too much product to the lips.

To prevent adding unwanted colour to your lip gloss (and to keep things sanitary), we recommend using a small flattened brush to apply it, stopping the remaining product in the tube from becoming tinted with the colour of your chosen lipstick 

Plump it up

Here comes the exciting part. To finish off, a lip plumping product can be applied, to provide that extra boost of juiciness and lusciousness. Many lip plumpers are of a thick lip gloss consistency, and can be applied atop any other lip products.

Simply apply as you would a lip gloss, smack your lips together to evenly distribute the product, and wait for the magic to happen. After approximately 1 minute, your lips may begin to tingle as it begins to react, resulting in plumper looking lips.

So there you have it – there’s no need to go out of your way to buy fancy, overpriced lip products to achieve the beloved large lip craze. Using the products you likely already own, up your makeup game with these four tips and tricks, to achieve voluptuous and curvaceous lips.

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And that’s it!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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