How To Do Eye Makeup

If you’re just beginning to delve into the exciting world of makeup, you may be wondering how to apply your eye makeup properly. Even if you’re a makeup professional, we could all use some additional tips to improve our eye makeup application and blending techniques. Whether you’re trying to achieve a smoky eye, a bold and bright look, or a subtle neutral toned style, this guide is the perfect starting point to improving your eye makeup application skills.

Post written by Leanne Perilly

Pick your three main colours

If you’re a newbie to this, we highly recommend sticking to neutral toned powdered eyeshadows to get yourself started. Firstly, you might want to pick three main colours to use – these being a skin coloured shadow, a medium coloured shadow, and perhaps a shimmer shadow to spice it up.

If you’re relatively new to eye makeup, we would best suggest choosing these three colours:

1 x skin coloured shadow

1 x light/medium brown shadow

1 x shimmer shadow (preferably a light beige or neutral brown)

Apply base colour over the entire lid

To start things off, you want to take a wide fluffy eyeshadow brush. Dip this into your neutral skin coloured eyeshadow, tap off any excess and gently brush the product over your entire eyelid. Start from the inside of your eyelid and take your time brushing the powder over the entire canvas.

Deepen the outer crease

Next, you want to deepen the colour of your outer eyelid, to make your eyes stand out and appear wider, giving the impression of a “cat eye” look. Take the same brush used for the previous step, tap off any excess product and dip into your light/medium brown shade.

Apply this to the outer section of your eyelid, making sure not to extend too far up toward the eyebrow. Use gentle swiping motions upwards and outwards, gradually blending into the centre of your eyelid.

For a more prominent darker look, you can further apply a small amount of this shadow just along your lower lash line, starting from the outer edge using the same brush. Blend until even, creating a gradual gradient into the centre of your lower lash line.

Apply shimmer to the inner corner

Once fully blended, you can spice up your neutral eye makeup by using a shimmer shadow. These tend to be of a more creamy texture, containing small sparkles or glitter particles to make your eyes pop.

Take a small, flattened brush and apply a generous amount of shimmer shadow to the very inner corner of your eyelid, at the space nearest your tear ducts. Apply in patting or gentle swiping motions, and gradually blend into the centre of your eyelid. For a true pop of colour, spritz your brush with setting spray before applying the shadow, to help it adhere to the eyelid. This should give the appearance of a gradual shade change going from shimmer, to neutral, to light/medium brown. Almost like a brown sunset, if you will. 

Apply eyeliner

This step can be skipped if you’re looking for a more natural style. However, if you wish to deepen the contrast between your eyes and the rest of your face, you can either apply eyeliner to the waterline, or liquid liner along your eyelids, keeping close to the lash line.

When trying a winged eyeliner, make sure to only apply the product to the outer edge of your eyelids. This is a common mistake many make – applying liner over your entire lash line (from the inner to the outer corners) can make your eyes appear heavy and droopy. Therefore, it is best to only create the wing itself, flicking upwards from the outer corner in the direction of the end of your brow.

To complete your look, apply a layer of volumizing mascara and false eyelashes, for a more dramatic effect.

Using these five easy steps, your eyes will be looking deep, dark and mysterious in no time. It really does make all the difference!

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