How to apply false eyelashes

We heard you want longer, voluminous eyelashes at a fraction of the salon price – look no further! We’ve all heard of false eyelashes but you’ve also likely had a meltdown at your inability to apply them correctly, or successfully getting them to stick to the inner corner of your eye. We’re here to tell you how to apply them perfectly every time, without fail! Say goodbye to expensive lash extensions, and give these tips and tricks a try!

Post written by Leanne Perilly

Choose your desired lash

There are a variety of different lash styles out there. Whether you’re looking for a natural lash boost, or a bold and dramatic effect, you’ll find something catering to the overall look you desire. Depending on your eye shape, some lashes will work better for you than others.

For instance, with hooded eyes (where the crease on your eyelid isn’t visible at all), you’re best sticking with shorter lashes which have a thinner strip. For more downturned eyes (when the outer corners slope downwards), a shorter lash strip with gradually longer lashes toward the ends may be best. It is important to choose the lash style most suited to your eye shape, for best results.

Trimming to size

After choosing a suitable set of lashes, you’re going to trim them down to fit the length of your eye. To do this, make sure to only cut from the outer edge – this ensures that the lashes at the inner corner will not be disproportionally long. After cutting, bend the lashes back and forth in a rolling motion, to prevent the inner or outer corners from lifting once glued to the eyelid. 

Applying the glue

The step most people have trouble with is applying the correct amount of glue. Dot a thin layer of glue directly from the applicator tip onto the lash strip, making sure not to apply too much – this will prevent the glue from drying, making it harder to adhere to your natural lashes.

Popping them onto your natural lashes

When applying the falsies onto your eyelashes, it is crucial to check the glue has semi-dried down into a tacky consistency – this should take approximately 1-2 minutes. Do not apply when the glue is still wet, as this will not stick and you will have to try again.

When you’re ready to apply, take a pair of tweezers and pinch the lashes around the centre region. Tilt your head slightly upwards and gently place the false lashes on top of your natural lashes, making sure the false lash band perfectly aligns with the base of where your natural lashes are growing from your eyelid, without forming a gap. 

Squeeze the tip of the tweezers, firmly positioning the false lash, gluing it down. Pinch your tweezers all the way along the lash strip, starting with the outer corner and gradually working your way inwards. For more control, you may prefer using your fingertips to do so.

For an additional lift, gently apply a thin layer of mascara to your lashes, as you normally would, with an extremely light hand. This will help to provide more volume and fill in any gaps you may have accidentally created.

Follow these simple steps and hey presto – your falsies should be good to go. No need for the expensive salon visits, you’re all covered!

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