Faking it: how to achieve the perfect summer glow

(without the sun!)

Image from my masterclass – The Beauty Club

Post written by Leanne Perilly

We’ve enjoyed a few days of spring sunshine, which means – fingers crossed – that summer must be on its way

But if you’re still feeling pale and (un)interesting, dreading the thought of showcasing your pasty limbs after they’ve been wrapped up for winter, then relax.

Modern tanning products have transformed since those evil-smelling, orange-streaked concoctions from the Eighties, and there’s no longer any need for skin-damaging sunbeds.

We all tend to feel happier and more confident when we’re sporting a touch of colour – though lighter skin tones are more fashionable than a deep tan these days.  We can probably thank TOWIE for that, along with everything we now understand about the sun’s potentially harmful rays.

In fact, self-tanning products have become so sophisticated, that I’m more inclined to call the result a fake glow than a fake tan!  You can now expect a naturally-enhanced skin tone and a subtle, healthy glow, without that ‘deep tan’ look.

DIY tanning: the basics

The good news for DIY tanners is that the latest formulas are so much lighter, easier to apply, and come with a far nicer scent.

The everyday application lotions smooth on just like body cream, without any need for you to stand around, awkwardly waiting for it to ‘take’.  In fact, you can even get your glow on in the shower!

Formulations have moved on so much that they won’t transfer onto clothing…which means that in theory, you’re even safe to wear them in your wedding dress.

However, for such a huge occasion as your wedding day, I definitely recommend leaving it to the professionals.  Head to your local salon for a seamless spray tan – just don’t forget to try out your new colour and glow well ahead of your big day!

Skin preparation is everything

The key to a gorgeous glow is good skin preparation.  Try regular body brushing and/or exfoliation, to ensure your skin is silky enough not to result in streaks (which can happen when your tanning product clings to surface dryness).

Applying a body moisturiser regularly will also hydrate your skin, ensuring a smoother tanning product application that will last longer and appear more natural.

I don’t enjoy tanning my face at all, so I use self-tanning products all year round.  I simply apply it with my usual skincare products, and I look after my skin well, with exfoliation and moisturising.  It’s a very simple routine that just about everybody can follow.

Be aware that you may need to change your make-up shades to suit your new glow – this can be a great excuse to experiment with something different!  However, don’t go overboard with colour if you’d like a subtle look, and don’t forget to apply a high SPF to protect your skin.

Of course, the ultimate bonus to your fake glow is that you won’t cause any ageing sun damage to your skin.  Not only that, you won’t have any telltale strap marks!

You can simply enjoy a lovely, even, all-over natural warmth and glow – one that can last all summer and beyond.

(Get ready for compliments!)

If you’d like to overhaul your look for summer – tan or no tan! – I’ve got lots of advice, and I’m always happy to chat.

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And that’s it!

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