Easy makeup routine 

Perfect make-up in minutes: How to look great every single day!

Post written by Leanne Perilly

How long do you like to spend on your daily make-up routine?

While we’d all appreciate some extra time to luxuriate in front of the mirror, we’ve also got increasingly busy lives to contend with.  The world around us is moving at a faster pace than ever before, and it seems as though nobody ever has any time!

All this means that if we choose to put make-up on every day, then we need to know it’s going to last – without the need for annoying touch-ups.

So if your make up looks a bit lacklustre at the end of a long working day, then it may well be time to make some essential tweaks to your morning routine.

(Great news: this doesn’t mean spending longer on your make-up application.  In fact, the tips I’m going to suggest could actually save you lots of precious time!)

Preparation is everything

The Scouts’ famous motto is “be prepared”, and although they weren’t specifically talking about make-up, they were definitely onto something.

The ultimate key to saving time, preparing the right products, tools and brushes in advance will mean you’ll have them to hand exactly when you need them.

Think of this as a little like laying out your clothes for the next morning before you go to sleep at night.  When you wake up, you won’t waste time searching for that missing pair of tights, or stressing about what top goes with that skirt.

Look after your skin (and your skin will look after you!)

If you take care of your skin, cleansing and moisturising regularly, and exfoliating once a week, your make-up routine is going to take less time.

The reason?  You’ll have a lovely, smooth base to work from.

If you’re not particularly religious about skincare, then I’m a big fan of ‘2-in-1’ products, such as a dual moisturiser and primer.  These will not only shave minutes from your routine, but they’ll also ensure your make-up stays perfectly in place for longer.

Choose the right products

Specific long-lasting formulations, such as a long-wear liquid or a powder foundation, are designed to be hard-working.  These promise to hold faithfully all day, ensuring you look radiant for longer!

Your wardrobe of products should also include some reliable staples; ones you know complement your skin tone, eye and hair colour well.

Think about the colours you most like to wear, too – which products will best highlight those?

If you know exactly what works, you’ll be able to speed up your make-up application process almost unthinkingly.

(This doesn’t have to mean a boring regular look that never changes, as you can easily combine your favourite staples with a different lip colour, for example).

In fact, whether you’re time-strapped or not, using your best colours is essential, as they will work with your natural colouring instead of against it.  No matter how much you love the look of them on the box or in the pack, the wrong colours can make you look tired and older…and surely nobody wants that!

A session with a stylist or a professional make-up artist can introduce you to your very best colours.  You’ll find I’m always happy to chat, so feel free to contact me directly for any advice.

I’ve also included some of my favourite products, plus a handy daytime make-up checklist, below.

Your Daytime Make-Up Checklist
  • Moisturiser and primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer (use this under the eyes and to disguise blemishes)
  • Bronze and blush
  • Brows
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

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A few of my favourite products:



This Works: In Transit Camera Close-up

Ideal for dry or combination skin

Smashbox 2 Photo Finish Primerizer

Smashbox: Photo Finish Primerizer

Perfect for oilier skin


Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Double Wear Light

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation 1


Perfecting Liquid Foundation


Glo Skin Beauty

Satin Finish Foundation

And that’s it!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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