Mum’s on the Go!

Mum’s on the Go!

Running the house-hold, Looking after the children and going out to work can be busy so looking after yourself can sometime be overlooked.  Here are my top 5 items that can help without a complete overhaul of your make-up:

Tinted Moisturiser with SPF – Foundation does what it say on the tin but having the time for this is unlikely. Tinted Moisturiser is easy to apply and good for your skin.

Vaseline – If you are sleep deprived and fine lines are making an unwelcome appearance this is the perfect way to combat them. Simply gently apply Vaseline (or lip gloss) gently over the lines. That way your eyes will look glossy and plump rather than tired and lined.

Mascara – The magic of good mascara is that it will make your eyes look larger and more vibrant. This is a product that it is worth chatting with your beauty counter adviser about. If you have long thin lashes or short curly lashes there will be a type of mascara best suited to it. Choose the best one to suit your needs.

Eye brows – While various treatments have rapidly gained popularity over the last few years, I wouldn’t blame you if you’re reluctant to spend a few hundred quid on getting your brows filled in. The best eyebrow makeup is a much cheaper solution when looking for better looking brows.

Lip-gloss – Today’s Lip glosses deliver mega watt shine, tint and moisture in a whole new (not to mention less sticky) way.