5 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

5 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

So Halloween seems to have creeped up on us far too quickly this year.  Quite often we know what our plans are for Halloween but we manage to leave our outfit planning until last minute. So here out our 5 top quick and easy make up ideas to help you complete your ultimate Halloween look.

Cobweb eyes

Liquid eyeliner is a Halloween costume must have!  And can be used for so many ideas, and one great idea is to add cobwebs onto your face/eyes. Firstly add some eyeliner to your top and bottom lash lines. Then to create the spiders web start by drawling lines out from your eyes like rays of sunshine. Then bounce between each line to create a web-like grid. Finish the look with some sparkle highlights and black lips.

Photo Credit: Mugeek Vidalondon



This is a really simple look and all you need is a checked shirt, a floppy hat and some eyeliner! Use the eyeliner to draw a triangle on your nose, and extend the corners of your mouth up to your cheeks. Add some strike-through lines to the designs to represent a scarecrow stitch-look. Add some orange eyeshadow to your eyes and cheeks to finish the look!

Photo Credit: YouTube/Jaclyn Hill



Get vamped up with a big smokey eye and dark red lips. Add some fake blood and even a temporary vampire bite tattoo to finish the look. And if you want to go all out you can even get some vampire contact lenses too!

Photo Credit: YouTube/Desi Perkins


Wednesday Addams

Another really easy option for a Halloween costume. Outfit is simply all black with a white shirt and put your hair into two plaits. The make-up is just as simple, firstly using a very light powder or foundation to make your skin look more pale then use dark shades and thick eyeliner on your eyes, adding a lot of eyeliner. Finish the look with some black lips.

Photo Credit: Karen Lang




The Cat is always an easy go-to outfit. All you need is an all-black outfit, grab some cat ears, and again the eyeliner. Draw on some whiskers a little black nose, and finish the look with some black lips and big smokey eyes.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Danielle Mansutti


Happy Halloween!