The best of Instagram

The best of Instagram

Instagram is such an important social networking service for any business – even more so if the business is beauty focused. It’s a visual platform that allows you to grow and develop your client base through followers. Below are some of our favourite accounts, whether they be MUAs, makeup enthusiasts, body artists or anything else weird and wonderful in the beauty world.


This account’s main purpose is to find and showcase makeup dupes, usually high end vs high street. Love and NEED that new Kat Von D matte lip shade but can’t afford it? Don’t worry – @dupethat will find you the exact same shade at Wet n Wild for more than half the price.

As well as finding amazing dupes, this account also provides videos, pictures, swatches and opinions of the hottest, latest makeup products making your job of deciding whether or not to break the bank this month an easier one (even though – let’s be honest – we know you will anyway).


Hung Vanngo is a super talented celebrity makeup artist. His work is refreshing, clean and classy.

Regular clients of Vanngo’s include Selena Gomez, Rose Byrne and Emily Ratajkowski. If you are an aspiring MUA, Vanngo is surely one to follow for makeup inspo.


Although technically art and not makeup, Alexa Meade is an amazingly talented and creative artist. She uses people and 3D surfaces as her canvas but uses real paints to make them appear 2D.

Her style is excellent inspiration for MUAs that are looking to move more towards editorial and special FX makeup.


Another slightly eccentric account, Jody Steel creates body art using special FX makeup. Her work is truly mesmerizing – it will be sure to spice up your Insta feed and get you thinking outside the box.


Vlada Haggerty is a photography and makeup artist based in LA. She focuses mainly on lip art. Her attention to detail is exquisite, producing a very aesthetically pleasing feed. Years of practise and hard work has allowed Haggerty to produce the quality of work that she does today, making her an inspiration to makeup artists and enthusiasts all over the world.


Stef is an amazing MUA whose popularity, especially in the Instagram and Youtube world, is growing. Her eye art in particular is incredible. Stef lists all the makeup she uses for every look, posts tutorials, and snaps from her regular day to day life in London! She’s a wonderful addition to anyone’s feed.


Jordan Liberty is a makeup artist and photographer based in LA. His work is beautifully refined and clean, boasting smooth shots of beautiful makeup artistry. With a large following of 165k on Instagram alone, Liberty is a must have for your makeup feed.