Master Class Guest Blog: The BWS Girls

Master Class Guest Blog: The BWS Girls

Hi! I'm Elouise and I work for Billericay Web Services. Leanne Perilly is a fellow Round Robin Networking member and has been a client of ours for some time now. My colleague Olivia and I had the opportunity to attend one of Leanne's master classes and thought it would be a great way to build our relationship with Leanne further as a client and also have a fun day out learning about makeup!

The master class took place in a lovely little room tucked away on a country lane in Chelmsford. We arrived and were greeted by a wonderful group of ladies, including Leanne who was stood at the front of the class with a model ready. The table was set out beautifully – we each had our very own Leanne Perilly note card, a pen, a portable pink mirror and a bottle of ice cold water (well needed during this heatwave!) Leanne also supplied plenty of brushes and makeup from her kit, which was fab as it meant we got to try out lots of different products and tools, including ones that I would previously never have known to go for.

We chose to do the Contour Highlight Bronze & Glow – Gorgeous Summer Looks master class, which started off with Leanne explaining that depending on our skin tones and types, different products would work for each and every one of us differently. It’s not only your skin that can make a difference to the products you should be using, however – many external factors can contribute to this as well. For instance, in the summer heat it’s usually a better idea to apply as few layers of makeup as possible. A great tip Leanne gave us was to use 2 different foundations – one light, one dark – and use the lighter foundation on the areas you want to highlight (forehead, bridge of nose, under eyes etc) and then go in and “contour” with your darker foundation (under the cheekbones, temples etc). This technique eliminates the need to apply more than one layer of makeup as you would when usually contouring, by using an all over foundation base, then going in over the top with both your highlight and contour.

The class ran from 10:30am to 12pm and included several demos on Leanne’s model as well as a chance for us to have a go at the techniques with our own makeup and some of Leanne’s kit. Leanne was super helpful the whole way through the class and was always making sure that we felt comfortable and was there to offer us advice and answer any questions that we had.

All in all, we had an amazing day and would highly recommend going to one of Leanne’s classes if you are able to. Her next class is Facelift your Make-up – Tips & Tricks to make you look instantly younger and takes place on the 29th September 2018. If you’d like to learn with Leanne, click here.

Thanks again for a wonderful day Leanne, and we will see you soon!


Elouise & Olivia x