Just got engaged?

Just got engaged?

Congratulations on your engagement!

So you have just got engaged! When you have picked yourself off the floor and stopped crying, laughing or both ha ha. I am engaged!  AARRRGGGHHH

What’s next?
Wedding Planning – Yes!  This is what every girl dreams about and its now happening to you.  So lets go!!! Of course you want a stress free guide to planning your wedding don’t you?  Well here we go!

Where Do I Start?
The best place to start is at the beginning.  Time to sit with your FIANCE and figure out what type of wedding you would like:

a) A large wedding – everyone
b) An intimate wedding – close loved ones
c) Formal, casual, traditional, themed, unusual
d) A local venue, hotel, country manor.

This is an important start to planning your wedding as this sets the stage for the rest of the planning. Take your time and enjoy finding out how you both think and feel about this very important step.

Next of course comes the all important setting of a budget.  Making decisions on your budget will affect every other decision that you will make.  Some couples choose to have a longer engagement to give them more time to save for the kind of wedding that they want.  Some choose a short engagement.
Again take the time to work out your budget taking into consideration any help that you may receive towards the costs from family members.  You could even think of including the figure you come up with on a spreadsheet and keep adjusting the balance as you go along.

How Many Guests?
Deciding on how many guests will attend your wedding does not have to be a battle ground.  Could you make it a family affair so you can all work together to assure that no one is missed that you really want at your wedding.  This vital stage of wedding planning is most fun when all family members contribute over a glass of wine and a few nibbles.

Could you create a minimum number of everyone that you could not bear NOT to have at your wedding.  Then once you have that number you can extend evening invitations to the rest on your list or make cuts elsewhere to invite more people.

Of course the number of guests you invite to your wedding will make a difference to the venue you choose..

Choosing Your Venue









Where will you have your wedding?  Picking your venue is top of the list after you have sorted the logistics of finances etc.  It is probably going to cost the most too and since venues tend to get booked up to two years in advance it is wise to put this as a real priority.

It may take some time to visit prospective venues but now you have your budget and numbers sorted this is your next big step. Make sure you take your wedding day planner with you with any questions that you have to ask the wedding coordinator at the venue.

So we have covered right up to the next big step.  Going wedding dress shopping!

So my next article will be:  Say Yes To The Dress.  Be sure to pop back very soon to read this article.

By Tracy Charlemagne